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1) Care to share stories about your crush? Whether it was embarrassing, devastating or successful – anything goes!

2) Anyone else spent hours on the phone with their crush?

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Or continue to Episode 2 – there’ll be more interaction throughout the series.

Episode 2

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  4. Great show

    Dan 6 years ago Reply
  5. I really Enjoyed watching it ! this is Amazing <3

    Jaz 6 years ago Reply
    • Hi Jaz,
      Have you watched the whole series? Do let us know how you feel when you finish the series…

      Jason Chan 6 years ago
  6. First episode was great!
    That’s exactly how i felt and acted when i met the girl i had crush on, ha ha
    i would like to share that i had a crush on a girl and we meet once an year in vacation when her fmly visits my fmly and we all stay under the same roof for like a month.
    So i met her three years ago and after 20 days i asked her out but she said “No” :(
    then we met the next year and there was another girl who was sticking with me a lot and that girl whom i had crush on felt jealous and was acting weird and tryin to get her away from me when possible, lol
    But i was not sure if i should ask her out again or not so i didn’t, even though i wanted to.
    I have moved on but sometimes i remember her, :)

    Keep making these episodes, awesome episodes, glad that i found out about :D

    Manish 7 years ago Reply
    • Hey Manish, thanks for sharing your crush story… maybe you should have asked her out again. But then again I think we have all been there at sometime or other – where we asked someone out and they said “no” but then got jealous when we move on. I think sometimes just asking someone out starts to get them interested in you… it gets them thinking… and they sometimes change their mind. My father asked my mother out for 6 months apparently and she said “no” the whole time. But eventually she married him!

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  7. I’m probably in the minority to say that I’ve never really had a secret crush. If I like a guy, I usually have a way of getting to get them notice me too. Secrecy is painful! Why hold back from trying things out with someone you are attracted to.

    Lynn 7 years ago Reply
    • Nice Lynn, but what are your techniques of getting them to notice you? Are you ever blatant? Have you ever asked a guy out directly??

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
    • Hi Jason, I didn’t realise that you had replied to my comment! I wish this thing could send me a prompt. Anyway, of course this is ridiculously overdue but I love talking about stuff like this – haha :) So.. my response is..

      No I’ve never asked a guy out directly, I try not to be overly blatant. Call me conventional but I don’t think most guys like that as they still want to feel like there is a ‘challenge of the chase’. That said, when I do like a guy – I try and spend more time around him, engage him in meaningful conversations, and am extra friendly. I won’t say it works all the time, there have been times it hasn’t – but it usually has quite a high success rate. I stop short of telling a guy I like him or blatantly asking him out,.

      Lynn 6 years ago
  8. I think the worst feeling is betrayal from the person you were in love with . And after that life shattering experience i think it is almost a never trust again situation. I honestly think that our species were not meant to live together as husband and wife.

    Tim Hoffman 7 years ago Reply
    • Absolutely, Tim – I don’t know how anyone gets over that and believes in “love” again. It’s often cowardice that leads to that situation don’t you think? Someone’s lack of courage to actually break up with their partner. Instead they cheat thinking it’ll be easier…

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  9. It’s a challenge to find someone you connect with intellectually and be attracted to them too. There was either the type of guy that you had deep conversations with that you had no feelings for or the cute guy that was shallow.

    I think the key is to be your authentic self and you will stumble into each other……but you need to be vulnerable too. I hope Stan gets to that point……but not too quickly because the awkwardness of Stan makes me laugh, cringe and cheer for him to open up all at the same time.

    Great viewing…….Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!

    Terri Reid 7 years ago Reply
    • Yeah the combination of cute and intelligent is always a difficult one. And you hit it on the head – being vulnerable – that’s the key but being vulnerable means exactly that – that you’re vulnerable to being hurt! And that’s what everyone wants to protect themselves from – particularly the more hurt they become after breakups or rejections. And the problem is usually you’re the most vulnerable or relaxed with the ones you don’t really care about – because there’s no risk… tricky balance.

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  10. I used to spend hours on the phone prior to text messaging.. I find it a lot easier now because I can time my texts when dealing with my crush. It’s always easier in the digital world, but that comes with its own etiquette and rules too!

    Phillip Yeo 7 years ago Reply
    • “Time ur texts”? Does that mean you play with timing to imply different things. E.g. tease them by making them wait…?

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
    • Yeap! I’m not exactly proud of it but sometimes, you can’t help yourself wanting to know if the other person’s really interested..

      Phillip Yeo 7 years ago
  11. Usually those people who have kept their feelings for a long time,cant really speak a word with sense,especially when it happens in an unexpected moment,a SNAP!

    jarmia arlus 7 years ago Reply
    • So true Jarmia! Has it happened to you?

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
    • it did sir!but the sad thing is i dont even know him,haha,.we usually share the same public transpo,.and its really kinda awkward to approach a guy to asked for his name.,though i just saw him a couple of times but that feeling when u see him,its like your cheeks r swelling and your sweating and cant help yourself from smiling.i remember one time i saw him and suddenly my sister asked why am i smiling,and i just said its nothing.but after a few moments i admitted that my crush is in the same transpo we r taking,hahaha.

      jarmia arlus 7 years ago
    • So did you do anything about it? Or is he lost forever? After watching this series do you think you could do something – like walk up to him and introduce yourself?

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  12. After about 3 years of my crush not knowing I even existed I asked her out on a date. Had a nice date over dinner but at the end I didn’t have the courage to ask her to another one. I called her about a week later but then felt so lame that I hung up the phone when she picked up… I know it’s really lame!

    Justin Lee 7 years ago Reply
  13. I was just as awkward as the Stan character. He luckily bumps into his crush. I never saw mine ever again;-(.

    Chris Lee 7 years ago Reply