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Amazing Fact 1: Phone Numbers

In the early days of phone service, you’d call the operator and ask to be patched through to a particular line. This system was first questioned in 1879 by Alexander Graham Bell’s friend, Dr. Moses Greeley Parker of Lowell, MA. The town was suffering from an epidemic of measles and the doctor quite sensibly suggested that if the town’s phone operators fell ill, replacement operators would struggle to run the system. Numbers instead of names was seen as a better solution which, as you all know, is the system we still use today.

Amazing Fact 2: Phone Numbers

The “Klondike” or “KL” phone exchange was first used to generate fictional phone numbers in American TV and films. This later evolved to the current “555” prefix, some of which have been set aside purely for fictional purposes. In the UK, 01632 is the fictional area code recommended by Ofcom, although it does also provide non-working suggestions for major cities, as well as fictional cell, freephone and premium rate numbers.

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  1. I really like the show so far. I especially like how the show is able to relate to many different people of different age groups . Plus the moments between the characters makes me laugh and feel giddy in hope for the two to get together. Thanks to everyone who helped bring the show to life. It means a lot to me a show like this was created. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

    Smrithi S 6 years ago Reply
    • Thank you Smrithi for your comments so far – they mean a lot to us – so much work goes into making a show like this and for very little return. However, to hear feedback like this is very encouraging for us.

      Jason Chan 6 years ago
  2. Yep – I used dial phones – public dial phones. Totally relate to the nervousness waiting for the phone dial to rotate for every number. I would give up so many times. So much easier these days with text messaging or whatsapp!

    Justin Lee 7 years ago Reply
  3. Exchange phone numbers and don’t text talk like but in middle school

    Jose Ruiz 7 years ago Reply
  4. They should have exchanged phone numbers when bumping into each other. Then just pick up the phone conversations like they did in the past. Build from there, to go past all the awkwardness.

    Chris Lee 7 years ago Reply