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Ever gone out of your way to seemingly "bump" into your crush?

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Percentage wise, how often have you FAILED to ask someone out?

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What's the main reason for failure to ask him / her out?

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1) Any funny stories about digital or physical “stalking” of your crush?

2) Epic FAIL stories on asking out your crush?

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  1. i was too busy having fun with friends and focusing on my school so i’d rather playing around than thinking about relationship. it’s like a goal for me personally to have only a few serious relationships that leads me to a real marriage i guess. just like an old sappy romantic stories. i started to have boyfriend in college and ended it myself. but i’m not giving up on love :)

    Audrey Gracia M 7 years ago Reply
    • Not a bad philosophy. I think most people in their younger days feel very much like you – wanting to keep relationships fun rather than very serious leading to marriage…

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  2. My Jr High/High school crush was a popular boy, athelete, wrestler. He was dating a cheerleader and I was socially awkward and inept. He hate me, treated me like absolute Crap. I was like the kicked dog that kept coming back with my tail wagging. I graduated, grew up, got older, and he stopped mattering. I came to realize I never ever wanted to date, to have the whirlwind romance. I just wanted someone reliable, comfortable, the rest of my life no drama. :)

    Carla Benton 7 years ago Reply
    • Sounds like a horrible experience Carla, glad you got over him. I think we all went thru the awkward social stage. And yes, comfortable and reliable is a great thing to look for in any partner.

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  3. I think everyone has digitally stalked someone from time to time. I wouldn’t call it stalking but I’d always try to find this one girl who used to study in the library at university near me. I’d rush to the library to get the desk just in front of hers every night. Borrowed a couple of pens from her and then eventually asked her for a coffee break. Ended up my girlfriend! :)

    Justin Lee 7 years ago Reply
    • Social media has definitely made it easier to stalk someone these days. I think most people would have done their fair share of ‘research’ prior to making a move or going on a date.. I’m not sure if it’s fair though, seeing we’re only judging from the perception that we gather from their profile.. Although, they could be doing the same thing on us!

      Phillip Yeo 7 years ago
    • I think in this day and age it’s almost negligent not to use the internet… if it’s at everyone’s disposal why wouldn’t you use it?

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  4. I had a crush on a girl Ann Meredith way back in 7th grade. I’d stalk her, by riding my bike and wait on the corner as she’d walk home from school. Just to see her. Then one day I built up the courage to go up to her door, rang the door bell, and when she answer the door, I asked her if she’d like to go out on a date sometime. Her reply was: “sorry, I don’t date Asians”. I rode my bike all the way home in tears, and threw myself on my bed and balled my eyes out. There was nothing I could do to change the colour of my skin, and there was nothing I could do to not feel as completely crappy and worthless. Luckily, I got better, with a bit of a identity crisis, but I feel it’s one of life’s lessons that has made me into a stronger and more compassionate person.

    Chris Lee 7 years ago Reply
    • Well, all I can say is her loss is my total gain. Eat your heart out Ann Meredith! :-P

      Teeny 7 years ago