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1) Should girls ever ask guys out?

2) Do you find guys who don’t make the first move wimpy and submissive? Is that good or bad?

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  6. … there was this time in uni when a girl asked me out. I was like, “ummm… huh?”. I cannot exactly remember how I responded to her but it must have been bad (or maybe I never did say anything and just left without saying a word).

    I felt bad about it. So to make it up for her (which really isn’t), I just wrote a darned long poem for her. Gist of the poem was really just a “No, I can’t to go out with you.”

    Now that I am reminded of this, I can’t believe I wrote a poem for someone I really didn’t like. (And OMfG a poem!? Seriously?) Hahaha…

    LOL! (=

    Joe Uy 7 years ago Reply
    • Joe, I think we’ve all had our fair share of being rejected badly and rejecting badly! I know I have… but there’s no easy way to say “I’m not interested in you” especially if they’re persistent!

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  7. 1) Why not? If anything, I’d find it more attractive seeing she’s that confident!

    2) I think guys should always try to make the first move. It doesn’t make them wimpy if they don’t, but I’d rather not be at the point where nothing happens!

    Phillip Yeo 7 years ago Reply
    • Totally agree with both, Phillip, but sometimes when it really matters it’s not that easy.

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  8. I think it’s totally fair for girls to ask out guys. At least they’ll get to understand the fear of rejection. But then again it’s also just as hard to reject someone. Once had to reject a girl who was trying to ask me out – felt awful about that cause I know how hard it is.

    Justin Lee 7 years ago Reply
  9. 1) It’s fine, especially if the you like the girl. It’s a bit difficult, if you’re not interested in the girl. Then it makes you realise how tough it is for girls when they’re asked out by guy’s they’re not interested in.

    Chris Lee 7 years ago Reply