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Locking Eyes

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How often do you lock eyes (for 3 seconds or longer) with someone?

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What's your opinion on the "friend zone"?

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1) Ever locked eyes with someone special?

2) Best ways to stay out of the friend zone?

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  1. No i haven’t locked eyes with someone special before because i never been in a relationship and i never had a boyfriend before.

  2. Any date I ever had where I wasnt a frind first was a disaster. We just didn’t get along. And I never dated the friends I fell for. They just werent interested, because they knew me.

    Carla Benton 7 years ago Reply
  3. The friend zone is a bit of a fallacy. You can’t get stuck as just being friends, if you both truly like each other. The friend zone just means that they’re just not interested in you romantically. They like you as a friend though, and you serve a purpose in their life that they don’t want to lose you as a friend, so they sorta string you a long, giving mixed messages. The truth is that they are not or not ready yet to get romantically involved with you. You have to just go for it! Let your intentions known. If they’re meant to be with you, then it’ll happen.

    Chris Lee 7 years ago Reply
    • Agreed – there’s no hard and fast rule. Sometimes “friends” really like each other and end up as partners. Other times it’s not mutual and then it becomes awkward. Best way to avoid the awkwardness is to be really clear and talk about it if one person seems to want more than the other. But that’s a hard subject to bring up!

      Justin Lee 7 years ago