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1) Ever had a timeless experience with someone?

2) Biggest regrets about the one that got away? Things you should have done or said?

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Episode 6

Episode 8

  1. All the episodes are very impressive, every minute detail has been observed.
    Never seen an episode that better.
    I can feel the whole thing.

    Most of the times the girl whom i think of as potential perfect girl already has a boyfriend.
    I never approach a girl with a boyfriend cause i wouldn’t like to be the cause of a break up.
    If a girl really wants to meet her perfect guy then she should wait for him instead of getting a boyfriend just to make herself be seen as someone who is normal and there is nothing wrong with her.
    Same goes for guys. Though i don’t think there would be many people who do wait for their perfect match in the modern world.

    Manish 7 years ago Reply
    • Thanks again for the compliment Manish! So glad you like this series.
      I was the same – never wanted to be the cause of a breakup and believe that people should really wait for the right person rather than just being in a relationship for the sake of it – but you’re right – in reality, most are in relationships that are just “ok”… and they live with it cause it’s easier than to be alone…

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
    • I’m also very thankful to you for making such amazing episodes Jason.
      Yeah, totally agree with you, :)
      We just have to hope that our perfect girl doesn’t have a boyfriend when we meet her, he he
      If a girl is meant for us then we’ll eventually meet her, after that things are up to us. :)
      The way everything is explained, the punch lines, the awkward moments and the quality of the video, all are perfect.
      I’m very glad that i came here. :D

      Manish 7 years ago