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  1. Bro (feels like a ‘bro’ moment to me definitely. you know the moment where one individual reaches out across time and space and touches the life of another individual and where there is an instant understanding of the momentous of that second),

    Thank you for giving me this crash course of emotions in relationships. 2 of my relationships had ended because I’ve been told that I am too cognitive, that I just don’t understand ‘love’…Well, at least I ended them because I rationalized that they were just, on the balance of possibilities, going to lead to two unhappy parties after the wedding bells and ‘I dos’…

    I’ve watched “What Do Men Want”, I’ve watched 7 episodes of Perfect Girl, but the end of this episode was what finally broke through this clueless heart of mine to finally having a semblance of understanding to ‘what love could be'; certainly, I’ve never felt this way (well strongly at least) with any of my rationally pursued relationships, although there might have been from time to time that ‘unobtainable girl’ somewhere in the fleeting past, where I think I might have remembered my heart going ‘ba dum’.

    The rational men, the men who thinks first in terms of checklists,

    a) attractive and someone whom I can see myself having children with – check
    b) not too annoying – check
    c) someone parents would approve – check,

    finding not the ‘perfect girl’ but the ‘perfect match’.

    Maybe I’ve rationalised that the ideas and ideals of love, are best left for Hollywood and not for reality; but being challenged with that.

    Kudos to you bro, maybe it’s your acting not your person, but your presence, facial expressions and those pregnant pauses, breaking the 4th wall, sending out a powerful message, your message as the script writer, to your audience, bringing them in, and persuading them to the idea you are proposing. I find myself being persuaded.

    Scarily, I see a lot of ‘Charles’ in me…although if you and Christian are minded to do another exploration into love or the lack of it – I would love to see it from a ‘Charles’ perspective. The rational men or women, the cognitive sort where the ‘head wins the battle over the heart'; would they ever find ‘true happiness’ or are they doomed from the start?

    Once again, thank you very much and I think I would have to consult my heart before I hurtle into a third train wreak where the only emotions I feel is after the wreak; where the pain of the crash is the only overwhelming thing.

    Happy New Year and I can’t wait what BananaMana have in stall! Would love to know if there is any way that fans and sponsors would be able to contribute (in any small way) to you guys producing more such excellent stuff!

    Warmest Regards

    YE 7 years ago Reply
    • Hi Ye!
      Firstly thank you so much for writing – we read your comment this morning to our entire production team (which is small) – it has made our day. Thank you for your belief in us – and for your heartfelt comments about both stories – we’re so glad it touched you in some way and has sparked some sort of reflection on your own relationships…

      From a personal stand point – I totally understand the check list. I think we all do it – that’s why we had Jane talk about it – she is the rational one in “What Do Men Want?” who thinks she should stay rational and practical in life but is always wrestling with her desire or passion to be with Jimmy. So I guess what you’re talking about in terms of being more like a Charles character may apply to Jane’s perspective. Although I’m sure you meant that you’d like to see a rational male deal with these sorts of choices too…

      Very interesting and we’ll certainly keep that in mind for any of our new productions.

      Happy New Year to you too and do stay connected here… we may organize something soon so we can meet our supporters like yourself. There are certainly many things we’d like help with – creating these dramas is tough to say the least and there is very little return but we hope that will change soon. In the meantime please sign up to our newsletter or follow us on facebook so we can keep in touch and we can let you know if we hold an event.

      Once again thanks for your comment. And – I think everyone is intellectual about these things until the right one comes along… if that’s any help.

      Jason Chan 7 years ago
  2. I have a hideous problem. I NEVER flirt when I’m serious about someone. I tease people I care about by being flirty, but I’m not interested in. That’s caused problems. But being honest, whenever I text someone, or email, or facebook or Tweet someone, I obsess until they reply. It’s horrible, being so connected to the media and being so addicted. This episode, so many times, seeing the texts, I wanted to scream at them. “Just be honest, for heaven’s sake! What have you got to lose?” Hehehe. Nicely done, had me al gooey eyed in public at the end of this one. :D

    Carla Benton 7 years ago Reply
    • Same here! I’m just as addicted and obsessed when texting someone.. Made me realise how often or not, it’s easy to spend hours dissecting every single word and crafting each text so carefully.. When I could have save the time by just being honest about it!

      Phillip Yeo 7 years ago
    • Hahaha glad I’m not the only one regarding obsessions with text messaging and when people reply. Yes, just be honest is a good policy but do few people actually are in work or relationships… and it leads to so much time lost…

      Jason Chan 7 years ago