Perfect Girl Series


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A coming of age romance for anyone who’s ever had a crush.

Since high school, Stan and Jenny have had crushes on each other. They wrote letters to one another over school holidays but in person, they barely spoke; sharing only the occasional lingering glance and smile. Over the years they fantasized about how perfect they would be as lovers. Now, 10 years later they bump into each other and have the chance to make it a reality but it’s not that simple; self doubt, fear of rejection, of losing their fantasies will hold them back from what could be the perfect union.


Best International Series (Atlanta Web Fest 2014),
Outstanding Drama (LA Web Fest 2015),
Outstanding Writing (LA Web Fest 2015),
Outstanding Directing (LA Web Fest 2015),
Outstanding Editing  (LA Web Fest 2015),
Outstanding Lead Actress (LA Web Fest 2015),


Just finished Perfect Girl. I don’t think I have ever been so invested in two people. A masterpiece. Thank you.

– Siege, (Twitter – @twiztedxtreme)

Introspection that is insightful, interesting and avoids indulgence… now that’s an accomplishment! Congratulations.

– Julie McCaskill, Australia

Classy, nostalgic and poetic. Beautifully made series.

– Tammy Ashcroft, Canada

Perfect Girl touches at a deeper level…funny yet moving. I related in many ways. Great performances, beautiful shots.

– Liz Lim, Australia

I got teary quite a few times. It’s touching and fun and really brings me back to school days. Magical really! Well done.

– Andrew Keegan, Australia

We absolutely love it! The talented duo, Jason and Christian never fail to amaze us with their work.

– Aaron and Janice (Tree Potatoes), Singapore

I just watched it. Blown away! So deep, true, exciting, touching, stunning. Yet another great work. Congrats!

– Peer Metze (Actor), Singapore

  1. I still think the Perfect Girl series is amazing and i also think Jason did an awesome job. I totally loved it with all of my heart.

    • Thanks so much Natalie! Please share the series with friends and family!

      Jason Chan 7 years ago