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The Cage
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 About Us
Our indoor sports soccer complex is the best indoor soccer centre in Singapore. We provide the best indoor soccer facility for football fun.
What: Sports Where: Singapore

24 hours subject to booking

Open Late: Yes! Open 24 Hours!
Average Price:$50 In / Out:Indoors


Before 6pm $50/hr

After 6pm $90/hr

Weekends and Public Holidays

$90/hr throughout the day


 Contact Info
Contact: Send Email: Email
Nearest Train: Kallang Address: 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal,   The Cage,  
Nearest Landmark: N/A Country: N/A
Website: http://www.thecage.com.sg Phone: 6344 9345
Google Map: Fax:
How to find us:  

1. The nearest bus stops are at Stadium Walk, at Car Park F and at Stadium Cresent, opposite of Car Park F.
Both streets are parallel to each other. You need to cross the road if you alight at the bus stop at Stadium Walk.
You will see an entrance beside a row old single storey buildings. Walk into it, and you will come by a food court
or canteen and we are located just next to it. Buses plying there are SBS No 11, 16 and 16M. Distance from bus
stop to The Cage is approximately 200m.

2. The alternative is to alight along Mountbatten Road on either side of the road which host The Singapore
Association for the Deaf or Kallang Tennis Centre. If you alight on the road for the Singapore Association for Deaf,
walk further up to the traffic light. If on Kallang Tennis Centre, walk back to the traffic light. Cross the traffic
light towards the direction of the MacDonalds and KFC. The road there is Stadium Boulevard. Walk pass the KFC
and you will see the road divides into 2. On the right, it will lead to Stadium Cresent (and the Indoor Stadium),
while on the left it will lead to Jalan Benaan Kapal Go into Jalan Benaan Kapal and The Cage is the 4th warehouse
on your right. The total walking distance from the bus stops to The Cage is approximately 800m. Buses plying
there are: SBS No: 10, 12, 14, 31, 32, 33, 158, 158X and 196.

The current nearest MRT station is Kallang MRT which is about 2km away from The Cage. The only bus that
takes you from there to The Cage is SBS No 11 and you will need to alight at Stadium Cresent (opposite Car Park F).

You need to get to the MacDonalds and KFC at Stadium Boulevard. (The nearest highway exit is Fort Road off the ECP).
The road curves left. The first right goes into Stadium Cresent (which takes you to the Indoor Stadium) – ignore it
and keep going straight. Follow the road into Jalan Benaan Kapal. Stop at the 4th warehouse on your right.

 What we offer

With six 5-a-side pitches (or 4-a-side if you have the lungs and legs), The Cage is providing a new form of soccer entertainment never before available in Singapore.

We’ve all suffered from it – you want to give the game your all but the unforgiving sun or heavy rain dampens the football spirits.
No more!
The weather will never stop you. Only nasty defenders on the other team will.

1. Imagine this: Your team’s a goal down and only seconds left. Between you and a shot on goal are 2 clumsy defenders. You know what you have to do – and you know you can do it. You play it in your heads – you’re gonna shift your body weight on one leg, look the other and with the flick of your heels you will scoop the ball over their heads, run around and volley the ball home. The crowd will go crazy, the babes will throw themselves at you and you da man!

Not at the cage!

You can execute all the tricks in your arsenal without worrying about the pitch.

Safety is also a big concern to us. But with our FIFA and UEFA endorsed artificial turf the only real concern is if you lose your head during the game. The turf will take care of the rest.

At The Cage football can be played how it was meant to – beautifully!


 Why we are special

What do you – a serious football fan want to do after watching a great game of football? You want to relive the great moments you’ve witnessed and prove to yourself (and all watching) that actually you’re just as good.

So after United beat Chelsea you want to show the world that you are as good as Rooney – it’s just that you were never given the opportunity.

Now, you don’t have any options. The only thing there is to do after watching a great EPL game is prata.

No more - The cage is 24hours. You can play anytime. Just tell the prata man that you will come by much later.

In a nutshell, the cage will introduce a new brand of football in Singapore

SixF Football

Fast, Free-Flowing, Fancy-Footwork, and a whole lot of Fun

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 More About Us

The cage is run by We Wanted to be Footballers Pte Ltd – WWTBF.

The company is dedicated to the serious business of fun football for the recreational player or the “Sunday-morning-kickabout”. Football is the country's most popular game and rightfully so. It is the most democratic of games – where economic or social standing really don't matter at all. And the simplicity of the excitement delivered – camaraderie of a team, getting control of the ball, speed, trickery, power - cannot be matched by other games.

Land scarce Singapore only seems to be able to provide the competitive footballer. The recreational player eventually turns to golf or tennis.

WWTBF will change all of that. We provide comfortable facilities that will deliver a new brand of football to all.

 What You Can Experience

For long term bookings, events, birthday parties or any other special requests, please send us an email and we will provide you with a quote.

To book:
Iceman at 6344 9345/9244 3310 or iceman@thecage.com.sg
Savage at 6344 9345/9850 2045 or savageshan@thecage.com.sg
The Phantom at 6344 9345/9163 5428 or thephantom@thecage.com.sg


2. Balls and bibs provided at no cost
3. Lockers are provided at no cost
4. Booking Procedure
1. Clickon the following link http://new.thecage.com.sg/home/book-it-online
2. You will need to register first.
3. Our online system only allows for bookings of slots more than 24hrs ahead of the time of booking. Which means if you are making a booking at 3pm, the earliest you can book is for 4pm the next day. But if you intend to make a booking within 24hrs please give us a call and we will try to accommodate your requests. You can refer to our calendar on the online booking system to verify if the slot you want is available. Only if it is booked will the slot be marked “booked”.
4. Click on the slot that you want. You will need to decide date, pitch number and time.
5. You can book for a number of slots at a time.
6. Once you are done, proceed to make payment.
7. You will be sent to the eNets site. You can choose to make payment via credit card or by internet bank transfer.
8. When you are finished with the payment procedure, please do not close your browser. You will be redirected back to our main website.
9. Your bookings should be reflected on our booking calendar.
10. You will receive a confirmation email for the bookings that you have made.
11. If you prefer to hear our sweet voices, please feel free to call us 6344 9345 to make a booking via the phone.

Should you have any problems, please call us and we will try to help you.


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